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Crystal Healing Bags with FREE DISPLAY

This case contains a mix of 144 Crystal Healing Bags, with 6 of each of the 24 different Crystal Healing Bags that we offer with FREE DISPLAY. Crystals are combinations of minerals that help purify, balance and heal the body. Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that is supposed to tap into natural healing energy.

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Essential Oil with Diffuser Flower & FREE DISPLAY

This case contains a mix of 144 Essential Oils, with 6 of each of the 24 different Essential Oils that we offer. The most common way to use essential oils is to inhale them, both for their amazing scent and their therapeutic properties. But they can also be used in diffusers and humidifiers, as well as diluted with a carrier oil and applied to the skin.

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Power Of Healing Stones

Healing stones harness the Earth's energy, believed to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through their unique vibrations. From amethyst's calming properties to black tourmaline's protective energy, they offer holistic wellness and inner transformation.

Elevate Your Style

Natural Gemstone Bracelet

Elevate your style with our Natural Gemstone Hematite Bracelet, complete with a complimentary display for effortless showcasing.

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Glowing Serenity

Tumbled Stone

Tumbled stones are smooth, polished gemstones or minerals created through a process of tumbling in a machine or by hand. Popular for jewelry making, crafting, and spiritual practices.

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Balancing Energies

7 Chakra

The seven chakras are vital energy centers aligning the human body, each influencing specific physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Balancing these chakras fosters overall well-being and inner harmony.

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